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Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before Decide to Marry

Here are some Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before Decide to Marry, very simple but necessary questions you have to ask yourself and your going-to-be spouse, which will help you both to decide about your marriage.

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Questions to Ask While Planning to Marry

Deciding to marry is one of the most important and crucial matters in life. Excitement, happiness, and hesitation all work together. Certainly, can’t blame. Maybe both are introduced by somebody or known from academic or work or in any social events.

Or maybe from a social network.

Both are willing to get married. But, when it comes to deciding finally, all those matters work together. Therefore, sit alone, and also together if possible, with some questions which will help to decide finally.

Nobody wants to marry for a short period of time.

Unless the evil works in one who hides his or her target to cheat.

Here we are going to discuss the couple, who loves each other and want to marry soon. Moreover, they want their life together till to the end. Even though, in some cases, settled marriage that arranged by family, friends or matchmaker.

However, nowadays, a lot of people come to know the partner of social network or similar.

  • Am I ready?
  • Are you ready to get married to me?
  • Shall I take care while my partner will not look so attractive because of illness or age? 
  • Do I love so much or jealous so much?
  • Are we ready to start life as a married couple?

By the way, there are 100 questions you can prepare to ask yourself and even your going-to-be spouse. But, here we talk about these few only.

 Am I Ready to Marry?

Planning to Marry and Make own Happy Family - Image: Pinterest Community
Happy Family - Image: Pinterest Community

This is the most basic and important question to ask first. Financially, emotionally, socially and by family – these all need to consider. Even though the marriage is between two. Everywhere, usually, that man needs to be financially strong before deciding to marry.

There are much marriage happens emotionally, because of love. Both of them wants each other so much and marrying is the solution to be together. Here, need to think, if not financially solvent, which is related to a job, career then going to depend on family or other people.

For example, relatives or friends. Are they going to bear all the expenses of living till get a job or start a business?

Age too is a factor. Emotion works so much while still too young. And, the result of deciding to marry without the knowledge or opposition of family, can be enough problematic for both families.

So, truly getting ready to marry is the best way. And, that doesn’t mean, need to wait till old to get prepared. Young life is the best time to start married life.

Precisely, there are many honest ways to earn better money with a suitable career.

Are You Ready to Get Married to Me? 

Definitely, you have to ask your going-to-be life partner ask whether he or she is ready to get married to you or not. By pushing to marry may not bring positive result in the future.

And, it happens. So, you need to ask and know clearly about the decision you both are going to make.

When someone falls in love with other one and sooner loves each other, marriage matter comes sooner or later. Besides the emotional need to be practical. Living, family, society, career and future building, these all need to consider.

So, observing these all and upon discussing together, finally need to ask this question.
Are you ready to get married to me?

Shall I take care while my partner will not look so attractive because of illness or age? 

Look around you. People get old and loss of beauty, men and women both. Men like younger women and it’s very common everywhere. Also, people physically loss charm and happy feel because of illness.

Moreover, chronic or similar diseases, and surely just become helpless.

In these kinds of cases, how much caring will you be to your spouse?

Ok, I agree, we can’t say about the future. Nobody expects to face odds. But, we see around us. To be sure, we can visit hospitals or clinics nearby.

And, it is too practical that only the family members need to take care beside social worker or volunteer.

Love is forever that’s true. In these kinds of issue, we can’t decide from earlier how we will act to our partner. Our responsibility, caring, personal character and humanity, these matters we need to raise in us to fight against own nature.

To keep life healthy in any situation with any relationship.

Do I love so much or jealous so much?

“Love at first sight” and emotion starts work. Can’t blame and, jealousy works too silently without knowing. Both are coming from families, from different friend circle. Where one may a little bit shy with other people while the other one may much open minded.

The misunderstanding may take place. Here, you need to be careful about yourself. Rather than judge you may ask clearly gently or ignore without keeping in the heart. If there something you don’t like.

A lot a happy couple can’t continue married life because of over love and jealousy.

Are We Ready to Start Life as a Married Couple?

If possible, sit together, relax and have some conversation about the future relationship. Where understanding is the most important matter besides money matter. It’s preferable to make the understanding before marry.

Once married, a different life starts socially.

If everything favors you both then you can think to propose, obviously few more things you need to prepare before proposing as pre-wedding preparation.

Also, you have to prepare for the wedding reception. Most likely for a honeymoon vacation too.

I hope this Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before Decide to Marry will help to find some answers.

Here the questions to ask.

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