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The 5 Most Important Mutual Understanding Questions to Ask Before Marry

A long marriage life doesn’t mean a happy and understanding married life, some couples those we know personally. Even we know some celebrity happy couples on various media, they too may have difficulties in many ways with their spouses, because of a lack of mutual understanding. Questions to Understand Each Other Start Before Wed Every person, every individual has own way of thinking. Own style of leading life. From talking, walking or planning, even choosing outfits or food, we are different from each other. And, that’s why we need an understanding relationship and situation. Moreover, for a newly married couple, it can be challenging to adjust with each other. That’s why here I am with a few questions and my personal opinions to share with you. However, I am not an expert in this field. But, still, you can continue reading to know my view. At least, it can help you find a little of yourself. You can study more by searching online as well. At a glance, the

Wedding Reception: A must Part of the Wedding for the Guests to Appreciate

On a wedding day, it’s a family and social gather to celebrate the marriage ceremony. And wedding party or the wedding reception is the part to entertain invitees with food and drinks with other amusement, for example, music and dance. Reserved for the Groom As you can see the reserved place for the Groom at the reception. Reception Decoration For Wedding  In this gorgeous part of the wedding event, I am bringing you to entertain the party and that is, “Wedding Reception”. Literally, this is filled with many ideas that you are going to enjoy soon. Reserved for the Bride Here, the reserved place for the Bride. Wedding Cake Dining – Food and Drinks Guest Book  Wedding Bouquet  Lighting Decoration Furniture/ Wedding Decoration Floral Arrangement/ Decoration  Music Venue Theme  Meanwhile, while the bride and groom are busy with receiving guests, family members and friends are taking care of everything to go on smooth. If any wedding service occupied t

Wedding Fashion: Style and Beauty for the Wedding Day to Make the Event Gorgeous

Happy Wedding! Are you looking for wedding fashion ideas? Just nice, here you are going to have a bunch of ideas with many branches as well. Wedding fashion of the Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Mother, and here you are. Wedding Fashion - Grooms Suit Fashion Ideas for Wedding Purpose  These dresses are going to be different from all the people coming to attend the wedding ceremony. For this special day, the couple needs very different and unusual attire from other days. And, that’s what we are talking about Wedding Fashion ideas. For the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and for the mother, as well. By the way, not only wedding gown but nail art, makeup, hairstyle, jewelry, and ornaments, also accessories are as well part of the happy wedding event. The bride, bridegroom, (bride’s mother) and the bridesmaid, groomsmen fashion, all come one after another or together. Bridal dress Groom’s Suit Bridesmaids Dress Groomsmen suit Bride’s Mother Dress  M

Best Wedding Theme Ideas to Create the Event Colorful, Romantic and Dramatic

Are you looking for Wedding Theme Ideas? Here are some, including Color, Indoor, Outdoor Garden, Beach, Rustic, Starry Night and even Disney Wedding Theme. Precisely, you are going to love these all. Bride and Bridesmaids Wedding Theme Ideas Not necessarily you must be the one who is going to marry and only for them. But, also if you are a wedding planner, blogger or just for spending the time to entertain you with Wedding Theme ideas, then here you are with a long list. In this article, I am going to discuss with you some favorite western wedding theme. Wherever, you are, you can pick some and adjust with your own ideas that match with your own culture. I hope this is going to entertain you, so keep on reading and examine the related links as well. Color Indoor Wedding Outdoor wedding  Garden  Beach Wedding  Rustic Starry Night Disney Princess Wedding Theme Color Theme Choosing one main color theme and combing with a few more colors, definitely a gre

Proposing to Marry: Exciting Ideas to Ask ‘Will You Marry Me’ to Start a New Life

Here is a list of some gorgeous and unavoidable ideas on “Will You Marry Me?” Moreover, will be unforgettable too, as well. Literally, I don’t guarantee all of these will work great for you. Anyway, you just need only one idea. Introducing before Proposing to Marry Proposing - Exciting and Difficult at The Same Time By the way, I am going to allocate many ideas, and one of these is going to work, sure. However, I am not an expert on consulting about marital approaches. But, I can’t stop myself to entertain with you these. Anyway, people are saying this anywhere around the world. Precisely, are you going to do that? Are you so much excited to ask ‘Will you Marry Me’ this very simple question in near time? Or maybe, you just recall your memory. Or maybe, you are looking for ideas to write about. Whatever, the reason, you are already here. At least, you may consider for your entertainment, and, continue reading happily with a smile. Anyway, it’s not, that much sim

Plan to Marry: Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Propose Finally 'Will You Marry Me?'

Are you planning to Marry? Get wed sooner? Maybe not you, somebody else. Whoever that is, while planning to marry we need to really prepare with a long or short checklist of questions. The first question might be, why I am going to marry? And the next is, am I ready to marry? Let’s look for the questions… Plan to Marry Questions to Ask Make Sure You Both Understand Each Other Literally, marriage is a religious and social oblige, legally to live and build a family, together. A man and woman, this is the most natural from the history of the world. However, there are some other kinds in this high tech modern world. But, we are going to discuss the marriage between a man and a woman who love each other and decide to marry. And, also in many cases an arranged marriage by both family also by math maker. By the way, in this internet era, there are many online matchmaking sites too, which act as matchmaker. Whatever the situation, the man is the main responsible person betw

1 Dozen Most Interesting ‘Will You Marry Me’ Ideas You Must Know

 ‘Will You Marry Me?’ it’s a, ‘looks like simple’ question to ask. But, in fact, it is heart throbbing and one of the most exciting and important question to ask someone you love. By the way, are you sure that she is going to say ‘yes’? Do you understand her well enough? Do you think you both are ready to move onto the next step to get wed? Tips: Will You Marry Me I hope you have all the answers with you. It is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, avoid stress and try to stay calm. Make it with a bit of fun, love and with excitement. Remember, once she says, ‘Yes’, you have a lot of things to do one after another for the wedding process, as you both are going to plan well. However, you may have a look at Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before Decide to Marry . By the way, here are some unavoidable fun way to propose you can consider if you haven’t asked yet to your love. Will You Marry Me Cup Cake Idea Looks delicious, right? Don’t be