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Happy Married Life: Planning For After Wedding to Live in Peace Forever

Are you doing well enough as you and both started planning before getting married? From deciding to marry and by proposing and then all the matters of the wedding ceremony, you may even, traveled somewhere for your honeymoon too.

Prepared for Happy Married Life
Prepared for Happy Married Life

Most Important Plan And Decision in Life

Before starting a regular life for a job or business, why not you both recheck your list again ‘How to make life happier forever’.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”
-Mignon McLaughlin

From this quote, you can make sure the acts you have to do to your spouse, and also by insisting to have a happy married life. You both need to contribute to create and keep the relationship healthy all the way.

I consider you have discussed these issues while you see each other or after proposing “Will You Marry Me”, or while you are on honeymoon. Maybe, after back from vacation after marry.

Whenever that is, as long as, anytime you both can recheck up with these issues. Earlier is better and sometimes follow up, as to how things are going on.
 Here is a simple list that we are going to dig.

  • Love life
  • Health
  • Hobby and Leisure
  • Career
  • Wealth
  • Family Plan
  • Retirement 

Moreover, you both have stepped into your long run of life. You are going to redesign part of your life as you have brought another person into your life.

Precisely, you are going to plan something for the short-term and some are for the long-term. Such are, about financial, children education, and asset and also about retirement.
However, you may add some other points to your list. From time to time, you can add small ingredients to beautify the list and upcoming days as well.

Love Life

Nobody can ignore or guarantee the love you had for each other. Things change as days pass by. A lot of elements in our lives help to change and that may to good or bad. And, that is the relation between the two.

And, this is one of the matter, that doesn’t need money unless one of the couples is mostly happy with more money. Means, “No Money No Honey”. And, it’s a really dangerous sign for love life. As, even smiling, joking and simple fun may leave you both.

“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give — which is everything.”

So, from earlier, before marrying, it’s better to start creating the situation. Separating all other matters from the love between you two.

Precisely, we have to remember, Love life is an essential part of Happy Married Life.
However, to add more love and happiness into your married life you may think about some jewelry for your beloved one. 

Health Care

Physical and mental health can’t avoid any situation in married life. From a simple headache until any other complex issue, you both have to understand and help each other.

And, this also depends on the healthy relationship between you two. Most of the time, ignorance and not caring of each other, may occur frustration. And, this will make the sick even not to see a doctor.

“In marriage, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, an enabler rather than a reformer.”
- H. Norman Wright and Gary Oliver

So, I am emphasizing to the personal relation of the couple. And, it’s very important to live a healthy life after marriage.

We can’t avoid, Health Care and Being Healthy to Carry on Better Life.

Hobby and Leisure

This is another part of married life, which may bring as much happiness as possible to distract from a stressful matter in daily life. Maybe, because of the workplace or financial or even the reason is relational.

You or your spouse may spend time with the previous hobby or newly busy with something. It has a good effect as long as not risky or expensive.

If you have something as a hobby and leisure to spend time, it’s better to make an understanding situation with your spouse as well.

Career For a Happy Married Life

Are you happy with your present career? Or you have a plan to shift to another? Whatever you do, remember that you are married. Take the measured risk and discuss with your spouse clearly and openly, so that you will have support in the future.
You have to figure out, The Best and Suitable Career For a Happy Marriage Life

Wealth Management/ Financial Planning

However, considering a far future, you need to plan your financial affairs. You can get advice from professionals to manage in a more efficient way.

“There is nothing more admirable than two people who see eye-to-eye keeping house as man and wife, confounding their enemies, and delighting their friends."
- Homer

At least, you need to be caring with your outgoing and incoming, remember, you are not alone.

Family Plan

How many children and how you are going to accommodate them as they grow up. And, a long run of educational expense. Things may change time to time. But, once you and your spouse can make a healthy plan, then hopefully, you are going to make a happy family than many others those are without a plan.

"Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation."   
-  Oscar Wilde


It’s too far from your married life, while you guys are very young. However, for some maybe, late marry. Precisely, it’s best to have a concrete plan or with a plan B to choose from two. Anyway, you may have a few.

But, the ultimate desire to have a nice life after retirement age.

Happy Retirement Plan
Happy Retirement Plan

Retirement from a job or business. And, depends on country and law, the age is different. But, more or less, it is around age 55.

These are some simple but important issues that you both need to consider well to have a better life, a peaceful married life. All of our acts, decisions may not correct and may not a positive result.

So, a good relationship between you two can solve problems that arise.

And, Have a happy married life.

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