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Honeymoon: The Best Time in Life for the Married Couple that Need to Plan

Ok, so you are here as interested to discover about the honeymoon, that the just married couple going somewhere to celebrate. Destination, fashion, food, and romance. That’s the main menu for the couple and to start a new mutual understanding married life.

Honeymoon- Just Married Foot Prints on Sandy Beach
Honeymoon- Just Married Foot Prints on Sandy Beach

Honeymoon Adventure

The honeymoon is an unforgettable period in a couple’s life. Later in life, tried and tired in the dust and mist of relations, together or not, they would always miss that time they spent together. Every bit of it.

Sooner or later, it’s better to have a vacation only two just after the wed. As both are going to invent each other newly for rest of life. This is the time while not only romance but both get time to talk freely without any other people there.

The new couple can discuss and plan about future as well.

Even though the couple might have a discussion earlier before marry, maybe went to thru a long questionnaire before deciding to marry.

For example, Plan to Marry: Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Propose Finally 'Will You Marry Me?'  with these.

Still, need more about the upcoming future.

  • Honeymoon Plan
  • Destination
  • Clothing
  • Shopping
  • Plan about Married Life

However, let’s see some activities for the honeymoon couple. Let say, you are the person who is looking for Honeymoon adventure information, or you are a friend of the couple or travel maker. Even a going-to-be blogger.

I welcome you warmly to continue to the next step.

Honeymoon Plan

As you are planning for a honeymoon vacation, take it smoothly. You need a budget of time, money, destination, night stay, route, transport, and schedule. And some recreational events as well.

I hope, you are not planning to stay in the hotel only for 10 days to discover each other.

There are some other things to discover which will bring you both nearer in future, from this memory and the things you guys are going to enjoy.

So, fix a destination place where you want to go. Get more information about the place, hotel, villa, shopping mall, restaurants and street food junction, and local transportation facility.

More or less, you can have a primary idea by researching own and with your spouse, together.

Just using a laptop or any mobile phone. You see, the world is in your hand as long as you are connected to the internet.

For example, you are looking for a beach hotel or villa. You can do that by online searching and looking for an experienced travel agency, to reserve ticket, room or contacting a guide.

Also, if you include some exciting recreational game, in case.

Beach Honeymoon
Beach Honeymoon

A beautiful beach is seen from the window. And, the window curtain is tied with colorful flowers, and the fragrance is all over the room. The blue sky and the blue sea. Maybe you are looking for something like this. Unless you are planning for a crowded city.

That’s an amazing view. Good for honeymoon vacation relax.


Whether you are planning to travel to a different island country or a countryside tourist place. Maybe to Caribbean Sea Beach. Choose the place by discussing together. You both have to like the place so it will be as like-minded.

So, whatever do you do, eat or buy, you both will enjoy walking together under the moonlight.

By the way, you are going to make the journey romantic and understanding, starting from planning. And, I believe you are going to carry along till old. The romance, love, and understanding.

And, these all belong to humanity, as well.

Sailing boats are behind the Couple on Honeymoon Vacation
Sailing boats are behind the Couple on Honeymoon Vacation

Happiness consists of living each day as if it were the first day of your honeymoon and the last day of your vacation.
Leo Tolstoy

You are doing great until here.

Now you guys pack your baggage. By the way, have you re-checked your budget about everything?
I hope so.

Packing and Clothing

Pack your bags with necessary clothes and essential accessories. Choose the bag as easy to carry for both. Unless you have people to help.


Most likely, you have a plan too for quick shopping. Bring out the list that you prepared already or spend a little time to do that. If you are in the budget then the best is avoiding luxury shopping.

As you both have an understanding relation already.

However, in case, you don’t have a list and you want to buy as you like then go for it if you are not in a tight budget. From the online search, supposed to you know where are you going to shop.

By the way, if the city or place new to you both, then take enough information from the guide or reception you are residing.

Safety first.

Plan about Married Life

While you two are spending time without any noise of other people you know. You have time to discuss some future matters as an opening. Which you can continue deeply later.

For example, about children, asset and career.

There are many other looks like not important, but indeed they are. So, why not spend time with those future plans too.

These are some ideas related to Honeymoon. However, you may add few more.

However, you are welcome to read also,

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