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Pre Wedding Checkup List: A Must Prepare Menu After You Decide to Marry

Once someone decides to marry, there are a lot of preparations and need to follow one by one, and some are at the same time. It may seem as, no time to breathe. Even though, not hurry, but time flies away so fast.

Groom Writing Check List Wedding Cycle - Image: energepic com, Pexels

Helpful List To Plan A Happy Wedding 

Every matured person plans and decides to get a partner for whole life, and that is socially recognizable. Also, by religion. Marriage life is a lifelong process. Without any doubt, every couple wants a happy life together.

Going to-be Bride Writing List - Image: jeshoots com, Pexels
Going to-be Bride Writing List - Image:, Pexels

If you are the one planning to marry soon, then you need to make a list of every step. More you plan about far future, you will have fewer difficulties in the long run.

And, you will not have a problem to look for solution faster. As you prepared earlier.

Proposing to Going-to-be-Bride

Out of many ideas, you just need to select and pick, only one to propose to your going-to-be bride. And, that’s a question, “Will You Marry Me”.

And for this, I refer you to a large list

Here I assume, you have done your very personal part that is, proposing to your loving going-to-be wife. Also, we assume, you both are ready. However, if you haven’t then get some fresh ideas to propose.

Engagement Ring

First of all, you can present it while you are proposing to her as, “Will You Marry Me?” in case of a hurry and without the ring. Then you can do it later you are finally ready.

When finally and officially you are going to propose then you supposed to arrange the engagement ring earlier. Sure, you need to know her ring finger size and choice.

Here is a quote for you.

“There are three rings involved with marriage. The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering.”
- Woody Allen

So, you have to prepare for the Engagement Ring and the Wedding ring. However, the 'Suffering Ring' that you can consider as the romantic and happy life binding that you both are going to create.

Questions to Ask Before Decide Marry 

Also, a list of unavoidable questions before deciding to marry. … in case, you missed to ask yourself because of so busy with love and career building. So, it’s a good choice to have a look at them. Even some questions are applicable after marry too, to re-establish your love life and family life.

These above we can consider as, before marrying matters. And, from now on maximum we can consider as pre-wedding matters to prepare. Obviously, falls in before marry too.

Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding -  Image: Pinterest Community
Bridesmaids Pre-Wedding  -  Image: Pinterest Community

  • Pre Wedding Preparation Ideas
  • Wedding Proposal to Bridesmaids and Groomsmen 
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Photoshoot
  • Invitation Card
  • Venue Arrangement
  • Marriage Registration

Wedding Cheering Party Maker

According to western culture, bridesmaids and groomsmen are an essential part. However, in eastern or other culture too but maybe different name only. However, here I am going to arrange articles indicating as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

A  Must Follow Wedding Process: Most Illusive Proposals to Be Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Proposing to be Bridesmaids

As this group of young ladies are of the bride’s family, relatives and friends. You have to honor them by proposing. How about in some fun ways. With some interesting ideas. You are right, we can’t avoid any chance to make the wedding event happy with joy.

Proposals to become Groomsmen 

And, these young men are usually from family, relatives, and friends. Also, colleague and neighbors as well. Obviously, you are going to propose them with care and honor. So, they can’t refuse, and somehow they are going to arrange the time for the wedding event.

Bachelorette Party

A gathering of a group of friendly girls to spend a happy time that held for the bride-to-be. And, it has different names in different countries. Bachelorette name is mainly popular in the United States.
Also, people name it as Hen’s party, Hen’s Night or Bridesmaids Luncheon.
You may have a look at Wikipedia if you want to be master on this.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Perhaps, after the rehearsal of wedding, the attendees need refreshment and that is what we are talking about, the wedding rehearsal dinner. Which is popular in the United States and part of pre-wedding.

And, You need to keep in your pre-wedding priority list, as well.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

You both are going to act as in a movie, also as the supermodel and, that is pre-wedding photo captures for your memory to recall in future, after marry.

Also, while the wedding and while honeymoon. Even earlier, while you propose, maybe by professional or by a friend, or asking from someone passing by, if possible.

Wedding Ring 

At the time of the wedding, you need this ring. So, it’s better to prepare from earlier and put it in your ‘Must prepare’ to do list.

Invitation Card

Further, to invite the guests to attend the wedding and reception, it’s a tradition to invite. And, to make it memorable usually people print invitation card.

Venue Arrangement 

So, where is going to entertain the wedding reception? Indoor? Outdoor? A garden? Have to decide earlier and need to arrange and reserve if necessary unless own backyard garden.

Still, need to arrange people for decorating the place as well. So, nothing can be out of the list to do.
Check one by one, whether anything missed out because of excitement.

Dress/ Attire 

Depends on the financial situation, some people buy readymade and some order for tailor-made while some go for rent for the event.
However, also depends on country, culture and religion dresses are different from each other. Anyway, western culture oriented wedding dress is widely practiced everywhere around the world besides own culture.

Wherever it is, the same matter matters everywhere, and that is financial solvency to buy, order or rent.

Preparing Transportation 

Wedding means a large preparation. A big group of people. Family, relatives, and friends, also neighbors. So, for a wedding event, need well preparation of vehicles. Owned or rental whatever that is, you need a few at least.

Therefore, keep it in your list.

Early Arrangement for Reception 

Of course, after doing these all and upon inviting a lot of guests, certainly, there is a part to entertain the guests with food and drinks.

Budget, venue, and menu all need to prepare early once you decide the steps from proposing.

From this list and conversation, you have an idea. The marriage is, once in a lifetime experience and need good preparation. However, for many the experience become multi because of some reasons.

However, we are talking here for the once in a lifetime experience.

Here I mentioned as much as I am feeling to remind you. Now, your turn to assume and guess the total matter.

Next after wed, still you need preparation for honeymoon and start the new life that is your marriage life. Sure, you both want a happy life. Everybody wants and starts.

But, are they happy as we see. I am not sure. If yes, then there shouldn’t be misunderstanding, sue against each other.

Most of these bad events are due to wrong understanding or no understanding, also misunderstanding.

These all the people those suffering from family odds, mostly not because of financial problem, but mainly, and mostly the reason is less of understanding to each other from the beginning.

Or, after a certain period after wed. And, if you are reading this, and if are not married yet, you can make a checklist. And, try to find out, where people step in bad situation besides money matters.

If you are married, I hope, you are doing well. And, why not recheck all the simple questions and answers, alone and with your spouse to keep steady your happy conjugal life.

Money comes and goes. Happiness, that once you get, keep it smooth. Love the happiness with family. Let the happiness be part of your every moment.

Don’t let it go or chase away unwillingly.

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