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Best Wedding Theme Ideas to Create the Event Colorful, Romantic and Dramatic

Are you looking for Wedding Theme Ideas? Here are some, including Color, Indoor, Outdoor Garden, Beach, Rustic, Starry Night and even Disney Wedding Theme. Precisely, you are going to love these all.

Wedding Theme Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride and Bridesmaids

Wedding Theme Ideas

Not necessarily you must be the one who is going to marry and only for them.

But, also if you are a wedding planner, blogger or just for spending the time to entertain you with Wedding Theme ideas, then here you are with a long list.

In this article, I am going to discuss with you some favorite western wedding theme. Wherever, you are, you can pick some and adjust with your own ideas that match with your own culture.

I hope this is going to entertain you, so keep on reading and examine the related links as well.

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  • Outdoor wedding 
  • Garden 
  • Beach Wedding 
  • Rustic
  • Starry Night
  • Disney Princess Wedding Theme

Color Theme

Choosing one main color theme and combing with a few more colors, definitely a great idea to make the wedding party colorful. You have your choice, and you can consult with bridal organizing services as they have experience dealing with marriage events.

To be sure, choose a color combination to cheer the party from the beginning until the ending of the event. Out of many colors, for you, there are many choices to make the wedding colorful even basing one specific color.

For example, White Wedding Color Theme, Burgundy or Blue besides Mixed Color Theme.

Indoor Wedding Theme

Some people like to have the Wedding ceremony, such as in a hall room, community center or hotel because of social or weather matter. And, by contacting such places from earlier to reserve the place is the proper step.

And, the indoor decoration with appropriate color, lighting and other matters, sure it’s going to be nice.

Outdoor wedding 

Here are some ideas for adventurous wedding themes and all are outdoor basing. All depends on how much you are excited to arrange the venue as your selected theme. By modifying a little, or more, you can create an immense attraction.

Garden Wedding Theme

If you want to occupy your backyard garden for the party, you can do that in a very gorgeous way. However, depends on the quantity of your invited guest to attend the event.

In case, you can accommodate the invitees, then you can even save a big cost from renting a hall for the reception. And, you can well decorate the garden with lighting for the evening event.

And, it will look so natural.

Beach Wedding 

By the blue sea, on the white sandy beach, can you imagine the party going on? In case, the bride and the groom both are nature lover then, the Beach Wedding Theme, they are going to enjoy so much.

This atmosphere is going to create more romantic the couple.

All the guests are going to enjoy the gentle breeze of the beach with music mixing with the rhythm of waves. What a gorgeous feel!


Out of the city by the countryside wedding theme surely amazing. Maybe by the hill or at a burn, obviously can create the vibe of vintage as well. Upon decorating as the theme, you can create a romantic and adventurous environment for the wedding party event.

Mixed with Indoor and Outdoor Venue Concept

Here are some ideas that mixed with indoor and outdoor wedding concept.

Starry Night 

Certainly, it’s a fantastic and gorgeous idea to make the ceremony delighted by lighting, like stars in the Sky. Means, we are going to make it for after dusk, the starry night.

Indoor mixing with outdoor is a great idea.

Disney Princess Wedding Theme

A dream and imaginary from Disney tales and all about the Princesses and Princes, Disney Wedding Theme. And, no wonder, a lot of going-to-be couples love this.

A lot of us are familiar with fairies from childhood. Let them alive as the wedding theme.

However, from these all, now you have some ideas those you can study and pick. Even, you can mix and match to create a fabulous theme to make the wedding more attractive and successful.

The wedding is the event that every married couple going to remember for a long time, even the guests. So, by spending the time to create romantic and dramatic is well worth.

Finally, happy wedding.

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