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1 Dozen Most Interesting ‘Will You Marry Me’ Ideas You Must Know

 ‘Will You Marry Me?’ it’s a, ‘looks like simple’ question to ask. But, in fact, it is heart throbbing and one of the most exciting and important question to ask someone you love. By the way, are you sure that she is going to say ‘yes’?

Do you understand her well enough? Do you think you both are ready to move onto the next step to get wed?

Proposing With Engagement Ring

Tips: Will You Marry Me

I hope you have all the answers with you. It is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, avoid stress and try to stay calm.

Make it with a bit of fun, love and with excitement. Remember, once she says, ‘Yes’, you have a lot of things to do one after another for the wedding process, as you both are going to plan well.

However, you may have a look at Most Important Questions You Must Ask Before Decide to Marry.

Will you Marry Me Neon Sign

By the way, here are some unavoidable fun way to propose you can consider if you haven’t asked yet to your love.

Will You Marry Me Cup Cake Idea

Looks delicious, right? Don’t be tempted to eat alone. From many, these are chosen for this Cup Cake idea, where your going-to-be supposed to love them all. Including the ring. Pack it nicely.

Don’t worry, where you order these beautiful cakes, they will help you.

If you are an expert to make yourself then, make it as much as yummy as you can. Even, you can decorate as you want. If you don’t know yet, you may learn first.

I am sure, there are many you can find on YouTube.

By the way, I am learning too.  Not for proposing to marry me, but to eat and sell. By helping my wife, I am learning as an assistant. I have to do the test first and need taste.

You can guess.

Anyway, things are getting better.

Let’s back to cupcake again. Here are a few more. And, really anybody will be excited to have them. Including your lover.

These are nice and colorful design. Cute and attractive. You find a lot like this from image websites, such as Pinterest, Pexels or Unsplash. As I am collecting from those.

However, here is another one with Yes, and No. You may minus out the cake with ‘No’. So, no chance to pick it by your going to be spouse.

I know, “No risk, no gain”.

But, sometimes, it’s better to take the precaution.

Whatever the way, it’s nice to be innovative, light and fun. All ideas talking here to start a happy event in the future life. The ultimate result we need is for a happy life.

Even though there are many others surrounding you two, but you both are going to make a happy conjugal life.

Only then, you can live happily with others besides with your spouse. So, need a good and healthy understanding from the beginning.

Dessert Plate Idea 

Who doesn’t love dessert? You can silently tell the waiter how to serve, and what you want. Just need a special plate with this question, “Will you marry me?”

While having a conversation as usual and slowly eating. You wait until she discovers. By the way, you may have your part earlier and let her have it slow.

Some memories will stay with you both for a long time. Proposing is one of these. So, you may try one or many ways to make it in fun and different way than many others.

A Cup of Coffee or Tea  

Precisely, nicely packing a drinking cup or mug with the ring, can be a good idea, as well. A printed ring and ‘Marry me’ explains what’s in your mind.

If she approves, in later days, every time she drinks water, tea or coffee, there will be a smile on her lips.

Definitely, it’s going to be a romantic atmosphere at home.

And, this is the one, dramatic and secret too. She will know at the end of drinking. However, tea or coffee that she likes, must be tasty. So, your going-to-be spouse will reach the bottom of the cup.

Also, you are giving a silent message that she will feel good and happy living with you.

As you can make things better than many others. It’s a message too that she can depend on you. What you do is, you need to make sure you are doing something is worthy to believe.

It’s not the matter is to be as Mr. Perfect. But, doing things nice a good result worthy.

T-Shirt Idea

Without speaking a word you can tell the whole sentence, even the question you want to ask. It’s a printed T-Shirt. You can make an appointment for a meeting or dating.

Of course, you are not going to show all the people in the crowd where you both are going to have drinks.

Even, you are not going to tell all the people walking down the street. So, you can cover it by wearing a full sleeves shirt or jacket on it.

Once you meet, after talking some light matters, maybe about a movie or game. Try slowly to pick the topics the relation with her. What’s she saying about your relationship with her? Or maybe something like this, what about the future of you both.

And, wait a bit till she shows she can rely on you. And, the times up to show up, what’s behind your covering clothing. Slowly show what is written on your T-Shirt. “Will You Marry me?”

She will surprise and, hopefully, she can decide to say “Yes”.

Marry Me Footwear

This is another unique idea. Here a pair of pink shoes from Nike, a famous footwear brand. You can wrap and pack attractive. Rather than sending by courier, you can present it directly to her.

Maybe, while you visit her home meeting somewhere for lunch.

Just tell her that you have a gift for her. Obviously, special. After some conversation as a warm-up session, let her open up the box. You may get ready with your phone to take some snaps.

In case, she misses to read, tell her there is something written on.

This time, certainly she will read. A ‘Wow’ supposed to be there, and later on a ‘Yes’, too. By the way, you can’t expect every moment as you hope. Things may different than your expectation.
Always, keep in mind and prepare to handle yourself for the situation.

Not only for proposing, but for any event in life, this is the fact. We can hope our way, but things may happen a bit different way. As long as, still positive and favors you and brings good result for all, this is what you can expect.

Baseball Lover 

This idea is especially for a Baseball player and baseball lover. A specially built ball with an engagement ring. Surely, crafted with the question.

You can read as written, “Baseball has been my life, Now you are the center of it”, and with the ring “Will you marry me?” Romantic, sporty and obviously, fantastic idea.

Whoever loves baseball is going to love this idea.

A very clear message, where baseball is life. And, proposing to marry, that doesn’t mean the guy going to stop playing but needs inspiration and motivation from her. As mentioned, “Now you are the center of it”.

 Isn’t it enough clear, the baseball player, needs her as a super fun and inspiring to move on together.

So, you are. If you are a sportsman, try to make things clear earlier. As for many events, you will still busy with your sports. And, for who you want to win and want to stay with sports, let her know.

Your fame may create distance, but if you can make sure that she is the one who is going to be the person behind your success.

Then, things supposed to favor you in the future with happiness and harmony, as well.

Flying on Balloon  

If you both don’t have height fear and love adventure, recreation and you have the opportunity to fly in a gigantic balloon, then it’s a creative and recreational idea to propose.

However, this idea depends on where you are.

By the way, before getting in, while fire up to fill in with air, she will read it. Nothing to guess but she will understand well what you want to mean. Because of the relation and understanding, she is saying ‘yes’ by getting in, unless fear of flying high.

Reasons Behind Asking – Will You Marry Me

You both had spent time by walking together, talking and laughing with love. You know why you love her, and she too knows, why she loves you. Maybe, you had a journal too, where you have written those.

This is the time to explore and present your diary.

“Reasons I want to spend the rest of my life with you..” show her and let her read. Stay quiet while she reads. Once she completes reading, take a big breath, smile and ask, “Will you marry me?” and, wait for the “yes” from her.

Ring with Will You Marry me

Beach Idea

Propose with a Bottle of Drinks

Fun Writing On Paper

Special bonus: 

Before propose and after the wedding, you both may look at the picture below and rewind your romantic marriage life.

By the way, I don’t know you are married to going to start your new life as a married couple. You can have fresh ideas from here, even already or not yet married. Let say, you are married, then why not have some fun to add some happy feeling.

You can have a long list of the category articles at, Wedding Plan.

Next, You can pick the one you will love to read.

Happy reading.

By the way, if you have any comment, please write in the box below.


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