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Proposing to Marry: Exciting Ideas to Ask ‘Will You Marry Me’ to Start a New Life

Here is a list of some gorgeous and unavoidable ideas on “Will You Marry Me?” Moreover, will be unforgettable too, as well. Literally, I don’t guarantee all of these will work great for you. Anyway, you just need only one idea.

Introducing before Proposing to Marry
Introducing before Proposing to Marry

Proposing - Exciting and Difficult at The Same Time

By the way, I am going to allocate many ideas, and one of these is going to work, sure.

However, I am not an expert on consulting about marital approaches. But, I can’t stop myself to entertain with you these. Anyway, people are saying this anywhere around the world.

Precisely, are you going to do that?

Are you so much excited to ask ‘Will you Marry Me’ this very simple question in near time? Or maybe, you just recall your memory. Or maybe, you are looking for ideas to write about.

Whatever, the reason, you are already here.

At least, you may consider for your entertainment, and, continue reading happily with a smile.

Anyway, it’s not, that much simple question “Will You Marry Me”, as we think. To some, it’s really a hard situation, not less than comparing sitting for the exam. By the way, got to pass it with the good mark.

So, be result oriented.

For the positive result, and that is a “yes”.
Here is what you can check with some ideas.


Proposing for marrying must be an interesting way. You need to mix with fun and excitement as well. It’s a lifetime experience that you both are going to remember forever. More you innovative, more it will be interesting.

In case, you or your going-to-be partner, any of you are a bit serious type character, still, you have to blend it with joke and ease to make the matter interesting. And, that is, “Will you Marry Me”?

In this article, you will find some ideas from cake till bottle. You are free to apply one after another or any. I feel you are going to enjoy these.

So, the best is, read and enjoy those beautiful images.


Without any question, you are going to make it romantic, at least you want the scenario to be like that. By the way, if you both are not romantic then you are not seeing each other this long time.

So, we are sure about that, you guys are romantic.

And, put the proposing in a romantic way will make you more confident anyway. The reason I am talking is, you may feel nervous at the time you propose.

That’s why a little mental preparation will help you to stay “Romantic”.


I guarantee that you are enough creative and innovative if not, you couldn’t steal her heart. And, you have come to a decision to propose, “Will you Marry Me”. I hope you are mentally prepared well.

And, it’s time again to be creative once more before getting married.

How many ideas you have till now? Have you sorted them out? Pick any from them, by this time, you may check the list to find a better solution.


Obviously, sea beach is a nice choice to create a romantic environment in the open sky by the blue big sea. If you have that situation. Cause, it depends on where you live.

However, if you decide to put up the matter at a beach, then make sure study the weather report for the coming days. Mainly, the day and date you schedule to a nearby beach.

Make a list of what you want to keep in your surprise menu.

By the way, you need to consider whether she loves sea beach too.


I consider you guys are living in the city area. Even though, if you are not, still you can make some ideas those suitable for the city. However, depends on where you are. Maybe, you are living in a well-designed modern city or in a historical old city.

Or, you have the option to choose from any, modern or historical.

By the way, on a rooftop garden of a high rise building or in the city center, both are just nice. Choose the spot that you are sure, she is going to love the place first.

Proposing Place 

Many places you can select and can choose one out of these to make the event to Proposing. As long as, “safety first”. Wherever you choose to make sure besides thinking of surprising at least give her a hint.

However, you are welcome to go thru some ideas those pop in your head. It’s good to write them and study well before you make your move.

Here we are at the end of this list. Anyway, you can add many after you go for research on all the links in this article. Literally, you just need one out of these all, if are the one who is going to marry soon.

In case, if you are a going-to-be blogger and looking for ideas, then, you got a lot. Enjoy these all and use as you want, just don’t forget to modify as much as possible to make as your taste.

Further, no copy and paste to avoid search engine matters. I hope you know this well.

By the way, I experienced personally, it’s not a much hard matter to decide to marry, but one thinking about the next is really difficult. And, that makes delay to decide finally to propose.

I hope, by reading before and after marriage articles here, you will have a clear concept and preparation. However, it’s a very normal issue in our lives to become married.

While we shouldn’t avoid this to make life easier all the way and overcome all the odd may arise before or after marriage. Even while you are undergoing the process in between.

No matter whatever, it’s not a good idea to stay alone whole life.

We need a social binding. And, marriage is the only way to live life with an opposite gender partner, socially and by religion.

So, just enjoy and have fun with “Will You Marry Me”.


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