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Wedding Plan

The most crucial plan to step into the Happy Life forever And, need to start by asking some questions and from Pre-wedding preparation, selecting wedding theme, wedding dress, arrangement for the reception and Honeymoon too.

Agreement Close Up Contract Wedding Plan, Image Credit Pexels

Also need a long-term plan for whole life after the wedding as a married couple, for a happy life.

A Long Run That Starts from Before Wedding

Starting from knowing each other or start from proposing to Marry, Pre-wedding preparation and wedding theme that most important, also can’t avoid the best wedding fashion ideas.

A wedding reception for the guest and a honeymoon destination after wed.

So, a lot of things are going to deal with the Groom and Bride. And, the family, relatives also friends beside neighbors.

Once some decide to marry then, need to consider many things to do one by one and some are at the same time. And, the going-to-be couple need help from other people as well.

From family, friends and also wedding planner service.

In case, if you are one of them, then recheck your future plan, note down and ask yourself, ‘am I ready to get wed?’, ‘am I ready to marry?’

Before Marry

Marriage is one of the most practical events in life.

Are you married? If yes then you know, even if not yet to you know that, the wedding is one of the most important and most memorable events in life. (Also, a religious and social binding of civic life.)

And, people need to plan about their life, so you are, including this most important part of life.

Yes, that marriage. And the wedding related all the matters come one after another.

Here in this blog, I am going to arrange one by one item with many posts, you can consider a free guide for you. So, you are welcome to go thru the list below and click on the links as you like to.

First, ask,

Plan to Mary - Questions to Ask

Am I ready to get married?
Is this the person going to be forever with me?

So, let's have a checklist.

Propose to Marry

Will You Marry Me

Pre Wedding Preparation

While someone decides to marry then he and she both need a lot of preparation. Moreover, the man. He has to take lot initiatives once decide to get married. Obviously, that starts with proposing.

Have you done already? Or getting ready?

Read the list and get your preparation for everything including financial, relational and many more. Don’t worry I am covering here a lot. If I miss anything that you find, then let me know.

By the way, in this section,n I am preparing writings on –

Bridesmaids Wedding Proposal
Groomsman Wedding Proposal
Bachelorette Party

Engagement Ring
Invitation Cards
Pre-Wedding Photos

Wedding Theme

Wedding must be colorful, even focusing on one or two main colors. Also, where and how is the wedding ceremony concept going to perform, all you have to arrange carefully without much stress.

Depending on culture, social and financial situation, also considering the job or profession, to select the theme, venue.

Indoor Wedding
Outdoor wedding
Beach Wedding
Disney Princess Wedding Theme

Wedding Fashion

Wedding Bridal Dress
Wedding Suit
Mother of Bride

Wedding Reception – Culture and society

Wedding Rehearsal
Wedding Cake
Wedding venue
Wedding Reception Decoration


After all the wedding event things done nicely, the next event is to go far from everything for a Honeymoon, a vacation that only two. The just wed new couple.

Honeymoon: The Best Time in Life for the Married Couple that Need to Plan

Happy Marriage Life 

One or more long-term plan with some short-term plans for the career, asset, wealth, children education and their future, retirement and also happy life with grandchildren.

Life just begins to The End – Together with a Happy Family

Happy Married Life: Planning For After Wedding to Live in Peace Forever

More or less, these are the things happen in most of our normal lifestream. I hope, you have a clearer idea than before if you haven't imagined this way. Sure, there are few more to include, add them in your list to make life happier.

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You study these for your experience, in case you need.

Happy wedding! Happy Marriage Life forever.

Maybe you want to read the About page.


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