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will you marry me? – and the story begins here…In case, you are looking for Wedding Reception concept and, also, Wedding Ideas then this is one of the best places you are going to visit. I am creating this site and site contents for you so, spend time as much as you feel energetic with articles you like.

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Wedding Cycle

Hope your visiting this site is going to help you, encourage you. If you have any comment or expression about any topics or overall about the site, please spare your sweet words for me.

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What is in this Blog and what you can do:

If you are going to start photography at a wedding, or an organizer, or wedding décor, travel or even a financial planner, you will have some fresh ideas from this site.

I hope, this site will help you with information and images, also, as educational in many ways.

And, this is my main purpose to create this site besides entertain.

By the way, Welcome to visit my site in Pre Wedding, Wedding Fashion, Wedding Reception, Honeymoon, and Happy Life planning before and after the wedding.

Best Suits for, If you are: 

Wedding Event Organizer, Bloggers or those looking for ideas for creating new blog or blog site and for the article, photographer or planning to set up a new business regarding wedding matters.

Isn’t it true that the Wedding event is a process of normal lifestream?

And, the event is one of the most memorable occasions in our life. Are you a wedding event organizer? Or the bride, groom or bridesmaid, groomsmen?

Or a member of family or friends. Or just surfing around? Or maybe a going to wedding fashion designer?

Whatever the reason. You are here now. Get some ideas from here, which may come into handy in some points.


  • Going to Marry men and women or their friends those who are looking for information regarding Wedding event
  • Brides, bridegrooms, bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding dress stores, wedding dress rental, lighting, decor 
  • Anybody who is looking for a concept
  • Anybody just spending time with net


What Kinds of Topics We Are Talking About? 

  • Wedding proposal, 
  • Bridesmaid and groomsmen proposal, 
  • Engagement ring, 
  • Wedding ring, 
  • Wedding fashion, 
  • Wedding theme, 
  • Reception idea, 
  • Lighting, 
  • Decoration, 
  • Honeymoon ideas and also 
  • Planning after the wedding as started from or before proposing. 

So, a lot of matters are going to cover step by step. I hope, things are going to work for you well.

How I am doing this for you:

Ok, it’s simple but needs to work a lot to know the whole matter, putting them on a row and write back in words with a lot of images.

As I know some new venture seekers are also going to be readers of this site, so, I try to make it more descriptive possible.

To make the things clear and understandable, and to make it at educational standard beside entertaining, I am trying to keep the flow with the usual concept so anybody will feel easy and comfortable with the site contents.

You may ask, Why I am doing this:

To help anybody when the dealing comes with wedding and couple related. Dress or nail art or an insurance policy or investment plan. So, people, those are related to any kind of this, they may find some clues from these reading to perform in their lives.

And, that is my happiness I will have.

Hope you will drop a few lines as aspiration. As you are not going to make any loss by reading this site’s contents.

Deliberately you can subscribe by email, and, also you may help others by sharing with your social media which will help them in some ways.

My earlier experiences:

I am married, I see the married couple and long time I was with life insurance sales, financial planner as well. What I found is, everybody needs a plan before start anything, as well as the wedding. Short term or long about study or investment, or about honeymoon vacation, you still need a smooth plan including money matter.

So, from my experience, the whole scenario from pre-wedding till after wedding that I am accommodating here with relative pictures. I hope, you will get inspiration for the plan and venture beside get wed.

I want to say, “Only Love doesn’t make life happy without coupling with ‘plan’ “.

By your regularly visit and subscribing, this site will grow day by day. By the way, you are welcome to share on your social media if you think someone will get help and inspiration if you do so.

By the way, you may read, Wedding Plan.

Best of luck. Hope to see you often. Also, your comments are welcome.

Founder Owner
Hasan Imam Mukut


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